Hi i’m Kasper, A Creative

Photographer Based In Copenhagen

Creating Films And Stills


From short films to branding, all made with focus on story, detail, image crafting and the little extra that make it unique.
- Lets call it magic


From posters to covers and all other media types you can imagine using photographs, this kind of task always make my heart skip a beat.
- In a good way


All the work is going down this pipeline in order to fit the pieces together.
- Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve, just to name few

Biosphere 3,14

A young girl is searching a mysterious phenomena, a man is forced to deal with an ambiguous future after he enters retirement, is the world as we know it that simpel.

Show me your reel!
Okey then …

Mixed content from shortfilms, advertising, branding films, art series and some other fun stuff.